About LeiMation®

Laura Margulies creates unique, hand painted animated ECards for LeiMation®. Animating with oil paints in a stop motion style, Laura offers a collection of Hawaii themed EGreetings to send online.

オーナー/アーティストであるローラ マーギリースがレイメーションのユニーク なアニメeカードを手描きで作りあげています。オイルペイントをストップモー ションスタイルという方法でアニメ化し、ハワイを題材にしたオンラインで送れ るeカードを提供しています。 アーティストについて詳しくはこちら



On 9/14/2014 LeiMation® was featured in The Honolulu Star Bulletin: "For special occasions and when I want someone to know that I love them, I go online to Leimation.com for e-cards and e-vites by local artist and animator Laura Margulies. They make me feel like I am sharing aloha with my loved ones. I have a subscription and send a lot of cards. The feedback is nearly instand and feels great. It costs so little and means so much. A one-year unlimited subscription costs $16.99, or you can buy individual e-cards for $3.25. – Katrina Nakamura"

LeiMation® was featured in Inside Out Hawaii: "Spreading out hand-drawn sketches on a table, Laura Margulies’ eyes light up as she explains the process of her online greeting cards. Unlike Hallmark, the Niu Valley resident doesn’t mass produce her digital cards, which require a minimum of four days to create from start to finish — and that’s just a simple card. The painstaking process is what Margulies refers to as “old school and a labor of love.
What differentiates Margulies’ e-cards is the stop-motion animation, which adds life and visual pop to the cards. The accompanying soundtracks, too, are mostly original music by such local artists as Jeff Peterson, Ben Vega, Frank Orrall (Poi Dog Pondering) and Kit Ebersbach."" Read More
LeiMation® was featured in Hawaii Parent Magazine: "Laura is the creative force behind Leimation, an E-card company that specializes in original, hand-painted aimations. While many E-cards rely on basic computer generated images, Laura works primarily with oil paint–thus making animations rich in color and texture. Drawing inspiration from the islands, Leimation often features images that make Hawaii special." Hawaii Parent Magazine   See the article
LeiMation® was featured in Lei Chic: "Getting party invites out is an issue as old as time itself. And while we love the quaintness of pencils and cardstock (so retro!), this is the digital age. Enter new e-vites from local e-card website LeiMation. Just added to designer Laura Margulies' stock of hand-painted, animated cards this summer, are luau, party and holiday options. Cheery floating balloons, a picturesque beach scene or fresh Hawaiian florals will really get the message across. Margulies' latest design, which debuted last month, has a dreamy engagement theme featuring two interlacing rings against a blue sky." Read More
LeiMation® was featured in the Punahou Bulletin: Because of this issue’s focus on art, we chose to preserve that thread in our three alumni profiles. Representing classes from the ’40s, ’80s and ’00s, these individuals’ repertoires are as diverse as their personalities – yet they share the same origin. Though they experienced the art program at Punahou in different eras, the School’s encouragement of creativity and self expression was a vital factor in shaping their artistic journeys. Read More
LeiMation® was featured in MidWeek: "In a flurry of motion, hula dancers leap off the screen to soulful Hawaiian chanting, or leis are piled forehead-high onto a grad. Tandem surfers glide acrobatically across a glue ocean. Brazillian beats drum into fevered gear, accompanied by capoeira kicks and twirls. These snippets of local life can be shared across tehmiles, thanks to multiple award-winning artist Laura Marulies." – Rasa Fournier
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LeiMation® was featured on Hawaii News Now on February 14, 2014. Watch now!
LeiMation® was featured in INhonolulu Magazine on April 9, 2014. "E-cards have gained popularity in recent years as an easy way of expressing gratitude, congratulating someone on an accomplishment or wishing a happy birthday. Most e-cards are pre-made images that can be found online, mass produced and anything but personal. But Hawaiʻi-based artist Laura Margulies has taken them to a whole new level, instilling in them the intimacy of a hand-made product with the excitement of animation." – Jennifer Yamada Read More