Need a CUSTOM LeiMation Ecard, Evite, Paper Card? Email for details. Great for weddings, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, announcements, portraits and caricatures of people and pets, and more!
Animated greeting e-cards burst with life and scenery
Simplicio Paragas, InsideOut magazine, January 2015
...the intense attention to detail is also why each card is so hypnotically graceful and compelling.
Rasa Fournier, MidWeek April 2014
Most e-cards are pre-made images that can be found online, mass produced and anything but personal. But Hawaii-based artist Laura Margulies has taken them to a whole new level, instilling in them the intimacy of a hand-made product with the excitement of animation.
Jennifer Yamada, InHonolulu, April 2014
LeiMation® is a radical change from generic mass-market e-cards. Her graduation card is a lovely 10-second segment showing a young woman being buried under a rainbow of lei. It radiates an aloha that can only come from the handmade.
Lesa Griffith, Punahou Bulletin, Winter 2013
She (Laura) uses oil, watercolors and gouache for an organic, fluid look that says aloha down to the letter. Plus, the ease of email sure beats the Pony Express.
Natalie Schack, Lei Chic, September 2014
Introducing 99¢ LeiMations! All the fun and straight to the point.
"Meditation Area"
Share a little bit of tropical peace and tranquility...
"Blue Mandala"
Sometimes you just need to meditate.
"Tandem Surfing"
Two up on the big waves!